It all began with an October 2010 post written by Micah Vandegrift on the blog In the Library with the Lead Pipe. Micah proposed the creation of a collaborative online space for library students that would provide “tips, insights, challenges, definitions or any other type of ‘hack’ that a current or future student might benefit from.” Thus Hack Library School was born. Since that time three years ago, writers have come and gone, but it is with this same spirit that the current Hack Library School team offers library students The HLS Guide to Library School.

When the opportunity arose to compile an ebook of our content, we jumped at the chance but found that working with a large publisher was not the right fit for us. Instead, we chose to create a freely available, open access publication meant for all library students to enjoy. We are happy to report that it will be archived in the e-LIS Repository in addition to being available on the blog.

This ebook contains some new content but mostly posts that have appeared previously on the blog. It is not necessarily a compilation of the best of Hack Library School or even indicative of the breadth of our content; instead, we have selected content based on the most practical advice we could give to others to–you guessed it–hack library school. We’ve divided the content into three main sections: Before Library School, During Library School, and After Library School. Within these sections, you will also find sub-sections intended to help organize the content meaningfully.

We hope that no matter what stage of library school you find yourself in, you’ll be able to benefit from the collective wisdom within this guide.

Brianna Marshall
Project Manager, The HLS Guide to Library School


The HLS Guide to Library School Copyright © 2013 by Compiled by The Hack Library School Team. All Rights Reserved.


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