HLS eBook Team

Project manager – Brianna Marshall

Deputy project manager – Topher Lawton


  • Rose L. Chou (Lead editor)
  • Julia Feerrar
  • Nicole Helregel
  • Topher Lawton
  • Brianna Marshall
  • Annie Pho
  • Julia Skinner

Before Library School section

  • Julia Feerrar (Section leader)
  • Alison Glass
  • Paul Lai

During Library School section

  • Steve Ammidown
  • Chealsye Bowley
  • Nicole Helregel
  • Joanna June (Section leader)

After Library School section

  • Topher Lawton
  • Annie Pho


The HLS Guide to Library School Copyright © 2013 by Compiled by The Hack Library School Team. All Rights Reserved.


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