Writers come and go at Hack Library School, but all of us are united by a common goal–to “hack” our education and customize our programs for the best possible experience. Through the blog, and through this book, we hope to change the course of Library and Information Science education, but we can’t do it alone.

You can join us by questioning your professors. You can join us by designing an independent study. You can join us by sharing what you’re learning, by blog, tweet, or white paper. You can join us by questioning us, and bringing new information and ideas to the table. You can join us by cultivating the idea that our education is our own, and we have a responsibility to make it the very best we can.

Whether you’re finishing library school, or just getting started, you can join the hackers and makers that fill library schools and libraries across the world. We come from all backgrounds and all specializations, and our interests are varied as can be, but we share a passion for tweaking the system. As we strive to challenge ourselves, we leave a legacy that will improve our discipline.

Keep hacking!

Topher Lawton
Deputy project manager, The HLS Guide to Library School


The HLS Guide to Library School Copyright © 2013 by Compiled by The Hack Library School Team. All Rights Reserved.


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